Costa Maya Cruise Excursions Guide for Cruise Ship Passengers visiting Costa Maya and Mahahual Mexico

Costa Maya Cruise Excursions

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Costa Maya Excursions

















The Port of Costa Maya Mexico

The Port of Costa Maya, located near the Mexico and Belize border is one of the prettiest Ports to be found in the Caribbean.  The Port in Costa Maya is privately owned, a rarity in the Industry for the exception of Ports owned by the Cruise Line Companies.  These pictures where taken at a time when no Cruise Ships where in Port and will give you a basic idea of the layout and offerings. 


Please do keep in mind that the Port is very busy and will have thousands of Passengers by the salt water pool, shops and restaurant.  If these pictures had been shot when Ships were in Port you would not be able to see any details due to all the people in the pictures, the Port is approximately the size of a football field, add 5,000 people and you get the idea.......



Port of costa maya salt water pool port of costa maya salt water pool and restaurant the beautiful pool in the port of costa maya


The salt water swimming pool.



maya stelas mark the entrance of the port of costa maya local mexican shops sell their items at the port local shop at the port of costa maya



The Port of Costa Maya is a shopping center of sorts, featuring Mexican souvenirs, perfumes, Duty Free shops and more.


cruise ship excursions meeting point at the port the carnival inspiration pulling into port in costa maya seen through the entrance way the massive cruise ship dock in costa maya


The Dock is geared for 4 Ships at one time, the dock itself has a train which can take passengers from the Ship to the Port's entrance.


areal view of the port in costa maya areal view of puerto costa maya cruise ship docked in costa maya



The Port of Costa Maya seen from above using our awesome airplane, the state of the art Port of Costa Maya will simply blow you away!


All pictures can be printed or used for personal use, please do not steal them for your own website.  If you would like the photos for your own website take a cruise, visit the Port and have a great vacation









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